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Hi and welcome to JCH Web blog. This blog will contain the general musings of myself (Jack Hutchinson), and other guest bloggers. These musings will be a whole host of subjects, including digital marketing, SEO, SEM, the world wide web, product reviews, the weather, music and much more.

Normally a blog post would be limited to a particular subject or area, but there are a lot of ramblings floating around my head and it will be good to get them out into the world.

A little information on me would probably he helpful at this stage. I’m an undergraduate of the Open University, gradually working towards a degree in IT & Computing , and specialising in E-Commerce and Solutions. What this means is I’ll be a qualified specialist in digital marketing, as opposed to an unqualified specialist in digital marketing as I am at the moment!

My full time job is a Digital Marketing specialist for a large online retailer in Burnley.

I’m based in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, and live with my partner and two gorgeous children, and the whole idea behind JCH Web is to help local businesses get competitive by getting online.

So the next blog post will be on an actual subject rather than an introduction – just have to think of something to write about now!

Until next time….


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By Jack Hutchinson

Digital marketing and e-commerce specialist, based in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Helping businesses "go digital" since 2011.