Google Analytics Splits Mobile & Tablet Data

At last, finally, hoorah hurray Google Analytics has finally split Mobile and Tablet traffic into separate device types allowing for a much more segmented look at your data. Previously when you wanted to view mobile traffic on Google Analytics you could go into the Mobile > Overview section, and you’d be presented with the below data. Mobile visits were displayed a Yes/No option, and also included tablets.

Mobile vs Desktop Old

Now as I’m sure you know Mobile and Tablet are two very different beasts (so different in fact that Google has thrown tablets in with desktops for bidding in Google AdWords). Thankfully, as of Thursday last week, Google have now split the data out in this report to show the three different device types separately (see below).

Mobile vs Desktop NEW

This is an extremely welcome change as it makes life so much when trying to analyse different device types. With this update the advanced segments within Google Analytics have also been updated meaning you can easily segment your site’s traffic on different reports.

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By Jack Hutchinson

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