Effective Keyword Research

Keyword research is such an important part of optimising both your website and your pay-per-click campaigns. By targeting the right keywords you not only ensure a decent volume of traffic to your website, but more importantly that the traffic you are getting is relevant to the services you are offering.

KeyWord Research Process

Start off your keyword research by brainstorming having a think tank meeting with those involved in the project and think about how customers are going to find your site, what terms might they use and are there any variations of those terms. Try to cover as many variations as you can to create a full keyword list, and then use that list with the tools mentioned below to build out your site content or adwords campaigns.

Keyword Research Tools :

Luckily the web is packed full of keyword tools for you to use, and one of the best ones to use is also FREE. I’m talking about the Google Keyword Tool**. The easiest way to use this tool is through your Adwords account as you don’t have to enter the captcha codes making the whole process a lot quicker.
The second tool I use is also a Google one, although not exactly designed as one. This is the suggestion tool. So when you search for a term Google presents you with some (usually) relevant search terms that are frequent searches. This can be really useful in building up your long tail keyword list.


Do not underestimate the power of keyword research – it may take time but it pays off in the long run.

**Replaced with Google Keyword Planner in 2013

By Jack Hutchinson

Digital marketing and e-commerce specialist, based in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Helping businesses "go digital" since 2011.